Frequently Asked Questions about G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Vinyl Flooring

G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is transforming the look of pontoon boats, giving them that “new boat” feel without the “new boat” price. The following frequently asked questions are need-to-knows when deciding to take on the DIY project!

Q: How easy is G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring to install? Can I install it myself or do I need to hire someone?
We say "DIY;" however, it’s not for someone who isn’t ready to get their hands dirty or sweat a little. Installing G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring can be done without hiring anyone. With the right tools, knowledge, and time you can have your pontoon looking sleek and refreshed. Check our blog post called "7 Tips on How to Revamp Your Pontoon Using G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine" talks about tips and tricks for the installation process.

Q: What kind of glue do you recommend?
After installing G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring, you are going to want your investment to last; therefore, choosing the right adhesive is essential and there are a few key requirements to keep in mind. One, the marine grade adhesive must be safe for use on vinyl. Two, the adhesive must pair well with your subfloor, which is usually plywood.

Q: How pliable is the material? Is it easy to cut?
Made in the USA, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is made up of polyvinyl with no layers or fillers. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine has a spun bound backer to allow for superior adhesion to your subfloor. Unrolling the vinyl is trouble-free and cutting edges with a household utility knife is remarkably easy.