25' Edge Trim

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G-Floor® Edge Trim Installation Accessory. 25 ft coiled roll, 3.25 in wide, 1.5 in deep single slot for finishing mat edges. 100% polyvinyl trim, durable, water-proof, easy to cut, trim to custom fit mats.

Protect the edges of your vinyl flooring from water/snow and debris with G-Floor® Edge Trim…the trimming that’s engineered to extend the life of your G-Floor Roll-out Flooring.

This attractive edging is great option for creating a very simple transitional border along the edges of single or multiple G-Floor roll-out mats. Think of individualizing parking pads, highlighting retail displays or finishing off a room in your home. The applications for G-Floor® Edge Trim are as endless as the uses for our G-Floor polyvinyl roll-out flooring and our other installation accessories.

Just like our flooring products, G-Floor Edge Trim is manufactured in the USA of the highest-quality, 100% polyvinyl without any layers, fillers or laminate, so you’ll get the same long life, durability and performance out of your trim as you do your G-Floor® flooring. It’s resistant to water, scratches, peeling and more.  

Edge Trim comes in a 25 lin. ft. coiled roll, 3.25 in. wide with a 1.5 in. deep single slot for insertion with mat. It is super easy to maintain and just as simple to install by cutting to fit mat or multiple mats with a utility knife. The rounded, slightly-raised edging (0.25 at highest point) helps keep debris contained on mat surface. Make sure your vinyl flooring gets an edge up with G-Floor Edge Trim!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

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