7 Tips on How to Revamp Your Pontoon Using G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine

It’s time someone is honest with you, ditch the carpet pontoon flooring! It’s scratchy, it’s not easily cleaned, it doesn’t protect your floor from wood rot, it stains easily- the list goes on… Make an affordable investment on a product that increases your pontoon boat’s longevity. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is a simple upgrade that can truly rejuvenate your pontoon for all the summer floatin’ to come.

Before you Begin

G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine offers a range of styles to fit the look you want: Solid, Simplicity, and Premier. When choosing to install G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine on your pontoon, you HAVE to make sure the plywood on your subfloor is in good condition and all stationary items like seats are removed. Confirm there’s a strong foundation and that it's sanded smooth. Putting a blanket over a mess doesn't make the mess go away.


  1. Give Yourself an Ample Amount of Time
  2. Haste makes waste.

  3. Be Picky
  4. The weather should be no less than 65°F and no more than 85°F. Find a time when the weather is at a stable temperature, as vinyl likes to expand and contract with temperature swings.

  5. Select Your Adhesive and Gather Your Tools
  6. When choosing an adhesive, confirm that it's rated for use with vinyl. Be sure to choose the right marine-grade adhesive for your subfloor. A trowel will be needed, and a household utility knife can be used to trim the flooring. A 100lb roller can be rented, to go over the vinyl after being adhered.

  7. Let Your G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Relax
  8. Roll out the vinyl and "fluff" it to help it lay flat. Once it's laid out, work out any air bubbles or wrinkles from the center of the flooring to the edges. For this dry run, you'll need to wait 24 hours before adhering. This helps the material relax and gives you time to roughly trim the edges of the mat to fit. You'll want to trim more precisely once the flooring is adhered.

  9. Apply Your Adhesive
  10. Use your trowel and follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions very closely. Measure twice, cut once.

  11. Use the "Hinge Method" to Adhere G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine
  12. The easiest way to install your vinyl marine flooring is to install in sections, rather than all at once. The "hinge method" of installation is simple: once you've unrolled your flooring, fold the mat over itself lengthwise. Apply adhesive where your subfloor is visible, then slowly unroll your flooring from the middle "hinge" to the outer edge. Unroll a few inches at a time across the adhesive while firmly pressing to eliminate air bubbles. When the whole segment has been installed, use the 100lb roller to ensure no air has been trapped and no wrinkles have formed!

  13. Trim to Fit
  14. For the perfectionists out there, this will be satisfying for you. Grab your utility knife once more and make one final pass along the edge of your flooring. Multiple shallow cuts work best.

Adding G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine to your pontoon is just one change that can make your pontoon the envy on the lake!