G-Floor Performance Runners

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Size: 27" x 60"
Pattern: Small Coin
Color: Midnight Black
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G-Floor Runners are solid vinyl with a fibrous backing that works great on nearly any flooring surface. Protect carpet, concrete, hardwood, LVT, and tile from liquids, scratches, dirt, and debris. These runners provide durable, stain and chemical-resistance, plus waterproof protection while withstanding years of harsh wear and tear. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Position G-Floor Performance Runners in commercial applications to protect your floor  from heavy traffic wear. Perfect on the jobsite or in front of a workbench, providing a little extra insulation from the cold, hard cement floor. The runners can be placed anywhere, from adding additional coverage in your garage to hall runners, entrances, commercial environments, shipping areas, or on any flooring surface needing durable coverage.

Available in three patterns, Small Coin, Large Coin and Diamond Tread; two colors, Slate Grey and Midnight Black; and in two sizes, 30” x 5’, and 30” x 8’. Use as a stand-alone product or pair with our garage or pet flooring for an attractive, custom look.

Protects your floors from anything shoes and vehicles might bring in from the outside – rain, snow, mud, oil, gas, battery acid, leaks, and any other spills or harsh chemicals. slip-resistant, Can be used either side up. The fibrous side will help collect debris keeping other areas clean. 

G-Floor Small Coin texture has a 95 mil overall thickness. The Large Coin texture has a 110 mil overall thickness. The Diamond Tread texture has a 130 mil overall thickness. Cleaning is easy - simply sweep runners off, or clean with mild soap and water. You can even power wash it, if needed.

  • Unroll to install
  • Quick and easy to clean – sweep, mop or power wash
  • Extremely durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant
  • 100% premium polyvinyl with fibrous backing
  • Protects your subfloor from deterioration, for wear,
  • Resists staining from oil, grease, gas, corrosives, chemicals, contaminants, grass, and tire marks
  • Slip-resistant
  • Versatile floor runner for use in garage, workshop, home, office, and commercial environments.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

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