1. Is Outdoor & Marine flooring slippery when wet?

Most floors are slippery when wet; however, the small embossed pattern in Outdoor & Marine flooring actually gives you traction and makes it more slip-resistant.

  1. Is Outdoor & Marine flooring hot to stand on?

Actual tests with a thermometer show Outdoor & Marine flooring is cooler than other vinyl flooring and carpet.

  1. How hard is Outdoor & Marine flooring to install?

Outdoor & Marine flooring is an ideal DIY project. It can be cut to fit with a utility knife. The flooring is laid on a clean, dry plywood deck, adhesive applied to one half of the floor at a time and rolled smooth with a weighted roller.

  1. How do I clean my floor?

Your floor can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water. A leaf blower can be used to remove debris. If a stain appears, use our recommended cleaners and the top-coated surface will look great for years to come.

  1. What makes G-Floor Outdoor & Marine flooring different?

G-Floor Outdoor & Marine flooring is a solid protective layer of vinyl. It will not rot, peel or crack. Provides a protective barrier for the subfloor keeping moisture out. The topcoat acts as a shield to protect against staining and sun damage.

  1. Where should I install the flooring?

G-Floor Outdoor & Marine flooring is a great flooring cover for patios, decks, docks, boats and much more! You should install the flooring in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Make sure that you are out of direct sunlight. The humidity level can affect adhesives and the installation process.

  1. How do I know if my product is going to ship via small package or truck freight?

Some orders (over 25 feet) will ship via truck freight. You must be home at the time of delivery for orders shipped via truck freight.

  1. What decking or surface can the flooring be adhered to?

You can adhere the flooring to cement, wood, and aluminum with the appropriate adhesive. For watercraft, make sure the actual decking is marine grade plywood. If you are using aluminum or any other substrate please check your adhesive. You will need an adhesive that is suitable for both the substrate and the flooring.

  1. What tools/materials are needed for installation of the Outdoor & Marine flooring? 

To install Outdoor & Marine flooring on your boat deck you should have the following items: Outdoor & Marine flooring, Pencil and paper to make patterns for trimming (if necessary), staple gun and staples for edges, utility knife and straight edge for trimming, approved adhesive, trowel or roller to apply adhesive, weighted roller for pressure.