G-Floor® Small Coin™ Universal and Garage Flooring

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Color: Slate Grey
Size: 5' x 10'
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G-Floor® Small Coin Garage Flooring Cover has a 60 mil base and 90 mil overall thickness. Easy roll out installation, DIY trim to fit, durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Rough surface with protrusions for slip resistance and traction.

Makeover any small or large space with functional, appealing, durable G-Floor® Small Coin pattern flooring ideal for every room in your business or home.

Attractive G-Floor® Small Coin is constructed of the same solid, thick G-Floor® specially-engineered, 100% polyvinyl that’s made us the leader and Gold Standard of vinyl flooring products. Small Coin texture is a high-performing, easy-care pattern made up of low-profile, small circles consisting of a rough surface with studded protrusions that provide excellent slip resistance and traction. Small Coin will withstand excessive weight, heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, moisture and corrosive spills without deteriorating. It won’t scratch, crack, peel, curl or split and cleans up with simple soap and water. Available in Midnight Black and Slate Grey, Small Coin will look wonderful for years in any environment:

  • Garage
  • Utility and Storage
  • Laundry
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Hallway
  • Medical
  • Classroom/cafeteria
  • Mobile and modular unit
  • Basement
  • Home rooms including kitchen, bath and recreational

Small Coin pattern features raised, textured circles on a staggered grid that are 0.75in in diameter with a 0.030in relief, spaced 0.125in apart. Available in 2 colors; swatch colors may vary by monitor. With simple DIY installation – roll-out, trim to fit – and so many accessories to individualize your project, why wait?

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

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