Welcome to GFloor.com (company name G-Products, LLC), the secure, trusted ecommerce site devoted solely to offering premium G-Floor® polyvinyl flooring products and accessories. While many other online retailers sell G-Floor rollout flooring, mats and accessories along with flooring options we believe to be less durable, functional and require more time and maintenance, GFloor.com chooses to carry the Gold Standard of polyvinyl flooring at an exceptional price and with the Gold Standard of service to match. Because we concentrate only on G-Floor products, you’ll find the most reliable information, answers and advice on how to get the most out of your G-Floor flooring and accessories.   

Why only G-Floor®? What began 20 years ago as the world’s #1 largest garage floor protector, G-Floor has expanded to offer a wide selection of products, sizes, textures and colors to cover the floors of virtually any commercial or residential space. All G-Floor flooring products are made in the USA and are engineered differently without layers, fillers and laminates so you are purchasing a 100% solid polyvinyl flooring product. As a result, G-Floor flooring outperforms and outlast without deteriorating, scratching, peeling or curling under even the harshest conditions. G-Floor backs its performance with a limited lifetime warranty.

With expert product knowledge, dependable shipping and tracking and a flexible return policy, we’ve got you covered at GFloor.com.