G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Stands Up to Stress! It's Resistant to...

Around the water, resistance can be a really good thing. Especially when it comes to your boat flooring. You’ll want to look for the best marine-grade vinyl flooring that holds up to marine elements and environments for years.

G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine, the top flooring for pontoon boats, is resistant to all of this! Most importantly, WATER! Moisture cannot penetrate vinyl boat flooring from above or below the deck

  • Mold, mildew, and rot
  • Heavy foot traffic—no cracking, flaking, chipping, or peeling
  • Failure points at seams because it is joint-free, seamless boat flooring
  • Harmful UV-rays for long-term color retention
  • Marine chemicals and scents like fish, salt, oil, gas—non-porous material makes for easy clean up
  • Staining from fish remnants, kids drinks, and more
  • Odors from marine inhabitants and their surroundings
  • Snags from fish hooks and pet nails
  • Denting from heavy things like anchors
  • Blushing from wet towels, life jackets, coolers, and swimsuits
  • Heat—G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is cooler to the touch than most other woven pontoon flooring
  • Slips and falls
  • Heat and fire! G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is flame retardant for improved boating safety

Manufactured in the USA, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine comes in a number of beautiful simulated wood, leather, weave and high-end designs for OEMs, boat dealers and for DIY boat renovations, remodels and updates. Our luxury images are printed underneath the vinyl so your pontoon floor looks like new for years.

Don’t resist taking a long look at easy to install, low-maintenance G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring for boats and pontoons today!