G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine Spun Bound Backing Has Your Back Before and After Your Boat Flooring Installation!

One of the many things that sets G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl boat and pontoon flooring apart from other marine flooring options is its inventive spun bound backer, sometimes referred to as welded boat flooring, that offers OEMs, boat owners and renovators an extra bang for the buck.

What exactly is spun bound backing?

Think of some material backing you’ve seen in the past that resembles the look of netting. Essentially that is what the back of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring looks like. It is a distinctive machine-spun finishing material that offers some really great redeeming qualities.

    • Easiest pontoon boat flooring to install

    Thanks to this revolutionary backing for marine flooring, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine joint-free, vinyl boat flooring is much simpler to install DIY without the expense of professional installers. This spun bound backing helps to grab whatever adhesive you are using for plywood, composite or metal. The netted backing grabs glue tight to quickly install pontoon flooring. Just trim to fit and G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine lays flat and looks like a million bucks in no time at all.

      • Minimizes flooring expansion and contraction issues

      Admittedly, vinyl can expand and contract with extreme temperature changes. Our advance spun bound backing dramatically reduces this problem because of its cutting-edge adhesion characteristics.

        • An added layer for a more cushioned vinyl marine flooring experience

        G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine 100% polyvinyl pontoon boat flooring is already cushiony underfoot due to its premium vinyl flooring benefits. All our boat flooring patterns feature our Levant™ surface texture – our softest, with a buttery, leather-like finish. Our spun bound backer actually increases that velvety, supportive feel for lots of comfort for bare feet and for hours standing on the water.

          • Boat floor cover that helps conceal flooring imperfections

          Although we always recommend repairing major flooring issues and starting with a clean, dry slate before boat flooring installation, the G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine spun bound backer will help absorb any remaining substrate imperfections. This can reduce any buckling or delamination problems you may have experienced with other pontoon boat floor coverings. Remember that G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is manufactured with solid polyvinyl throughout, so there won’t be any fillers or layers to weaken the vinyl boat flooring.

          Besides the spun bound backing, what else makes G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine the best flooring choice for my pontoon?

          G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine products are proudly made in the USA by Better Life Technology, the creators of G‑Floor Universal Flooring, the #1 garage floor protector in the world. Purposefully-designed to be the most durable flooring for boats and pontoons, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is impermeable to water above and below its surface. It’s waterproof, seamless boat flooring construction won’t deteriorate under harsh marine conditions for years, and resists cracking, flaking, chipping, peeling and more. In addition to its stellar performance on land and at sea, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine provides recreational boaters many value-added benefits:

          • Protects boat deck from wood rot, muld, mildew, microbes, harsh marine chemicals and other culprits which increase deterioration
          • Resistant to oils, gas, fish scents, suntan lotions and other spills, stains and scents common on watercraft
          • Advanced marine-grade  vinyl top coat – Built-in UV-inhibitor protects colors and images for long-term sun exposure
          • The top quality of G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine patterns are meticulously designed for sharp, brilliant images
          • Reduced blushing formula guards against wet towels, swimsuits, coolers, life jackets and other moist items
          • Non-porous boat flooring is extremely easy to clean with hose/soap/water/mop and/or vinyl-safe cleaner without harsh scrubbing
          • Non-woven textured pontoon flooring won’t snag from fish hooks, dog nails, etc. nor will it dent from heavy objects like anchors
          • Slip-resistant and flame retardant flooring for boating safety
          • G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is cooler to the touch than woven marine flooring
          • 5-Year Limited Warranty, 3-Year UV-exposure

          With a beautiful array of welded colors, simulated wood grains, faux weaves and unique designs to cover your boat deck, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring will have your pontoon boat looking stunning again before this season ends!