Top 5 Reasons to Buy Boat Flooring Made in the USA

The #1 pontoon boat flooring is American-made G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring. This premium, marine-grade vinyl boat flooring product is designed and manufactured in the Midwest byBetter Life Technology (BLT).

BLT is the creator of G‑Floor® vinyl flooring, the top garage floor protector in the world. For 20+ years, BLT has been producing premium polyvinyl floor coverings for a variety of commercial and residential applications. In addition to the G-Floor Roll-Out Flooring and G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine brands, BLT also developed G-Floor Graphic and GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ greenhouse floor and wall coverings, along with a full line of vinyl floor adhesives and accessories. BLT headquarters is located in Lenexa Kansas, near Kansas City Missouri, with production facilities in Emporia, Kansas.

Before you purchase a new watercraft or think about refurbishing a boat or pontoon, ask whether the products you're about to purchase are made in the USA. Here’s why:

  1. American Independence
  2. Exported goods from foreign companies adds an element of uncertainty and introduces fragility in the manufacturing process. Tariffs, trade routes, and foreign relations have a strong impact on the price and availability of raw materials: G-Floor is dedicated to consistent quality and that comes from US-based companies and manufacturing. This 4th of July, maybe more than ever, buying USA-made product is a smart choice to show your American pride.

    We are extremely proud to state that G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is made in America and will retain its reliability regardless of any foreign countries.

  3. Jobs and Economic Growth
  4. It's simple: buying American-made products creates more American jobs, and that's good for everyone. It's satisfying to know that each dollar you spend on contributes to America and its citizens.

    BLT takes pride in employing workers who support their families and spend money within their local economies.

  5. Worker and Consumer Safety
  6. American companies are required to follow stringent labor laws set by the US Department of Labor, along with other state and municipal requirements. These laws are decided by the American people and create fair working conditions, preventing the exploitation of workers. When you support American workers, you can be certain that their environment is free of difficult, sweatshop-like conditions.
    U.S. products are required to pass rigorous standards tests. With American consumer protection laws in place, you can be confident your safety is ensured by multiple governing bodies and policies. “Made in the USA” speaks of quality craftsmanship, transparency, and a far superior product than others from countries with lesser manufacturing and labor standards.

    G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl pontoon flooring passed thorough requirements to be certified as slip-resistant marine flooring and flame retardant boat flooring. In addition, BLT developed its new industry-leading marine-grade top coat with MicroLock Technology™ for better stain- and UV-resistance, heat and blushing reduction, and easier cleanup.

  7. Environmental Impact
  8. Shipping materials and goods across the globe have a huge carbon footprint: logistics is a large contributor to carbon emissions, especially because the use of fossil fuels is common in international shipping. While foreign countries may allow back-breaking working conditions that ultimately lowers the cost to the manufacturer, the wellbeing of humans isn't worth the tradeoff. Simply put, anything done overseas is subject to the conditions of that country. Levels of heavy metals in soil, the use of fossil fuels and unclean electricity, improper disposal of waste, and the maintenance of the surrounding environment can't be ensured the same way it can on American soil.

    BLT is committed to sustainable manufacturing and business practices. G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine is manufactured and distributed from a central location in America, and G-Floor and Better Life Technology both keep current with emerging laws, guidelines, and trends to ensure the cleanest, most responsible product.

  9. Higher Quality
  10. US-based manufacturing wasn't always synonymous with quality. However, with transparency in the supply chain, adhesion to labor and product safety laws, and ethically-sourced materials, American products are far superior. Not to mention, each dollar spent helps stimulate the American economy.

The quality and value of G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine Vinyl Flooring is clear:

  • It's engineered-differently of solid, seamless, waterproof polyvinyl
  • Its solid vinyl layer won’t snag or dent from fish hooks, anchors, heavy coolers, etc
  • UV treatment makes this flooring resistant to fading from sun exposure, along with providing resistance to odors, salt, oil, gas, blood and guts, and other contaminants found in marine environments
  • Cushioned, comfortable, spun-bound backing feels great to walk on, eliminates the need for underlayment, and facilitates the absorption of adhesive for easy installation

Ask for G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine by name and rest assured you’ll enjoy years of worry-free, low-maintenance boating fun from your vinyl boat flooring. Happy Independence Day!