Top 10 Reasons Why G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine SOLID is the Solid Choice for your Marine Flooring

The G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine Solid Collection of welded pontoon and boat flooring is purposefully-designed for functional, low maintenance, long-lasting performance on the water and under the sun. The beauty is that it will look good doing it!

The Solid collection is a series of boat flooring in standard solid colors without imaged patterns adding a subtle touch to any pontoon boat deck. Each of our three neutral Solid Collection colors has our soft textured Levant™ leather-like surface to add a splash of elegance and eye-catching style. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Solid is available in:

Buckskin (dark brown)
Light Grey
Light Tan
75 mil (0.120”) total thickness
45 mil (0.075”) wear layer
8 ft. 6 in. X up to 75 ft.



The Solid Collection offers the same solid features that make G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine the #1 pontoon boat flooring and the most durable boat flooring for OEMs, boat refurbishers and individual boat enthusiasts:

    1. Ultra-Durable Polyvinyl

G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is constructed of thick, solid polyvinyl that handles harsh marine conditions and extensive foot traffic better than other vinyl boat flooring made of thin, less expensive materials. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is so strong that even anchors don’t dent its solid material. It won’t need replacement as quickly as the others because it doesn’t crack, tear, flake or peel, so you’ll enjoy great value and years of enjoyment from your vinyl pontoon flooring investment.

    1. Superb Moisture Protection

Our seamless, joint-free vinyl marine flooring is impervious to water, meaning water can’t penetrate from above or below its surface.

    1. Extends the Life of Your Boat Decking

Because of its impermeable construction, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Solid waterproof flooring for boats and pontoons resists mold and mildew, two major contributors to wood rot and helps protect your boat from substrate damage.

    1. Marine Grade Top Coat

G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine marine-grade flooring has an advanced topcoat with MicroLock Technology™ that has a UV-inhibitor built in for long-term color retention.

    1. DIY Installation

The G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Solid Collection of roll-out boat flooring comes with a spun bound backing (or welding) for ease of installation. The welding grabs glue tight and also adds cushioning under feet. Simply trim to fit around chairs, storage bins, etc.

    1. Non-Woven Marine Flooring

Unlike boat carpet or other fiber flooring, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine won’t snag from fish hooks, dog nails or other sharp objects.

    1. Non-Porous Surface Cleans Easily

With G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine, maintenance is simple. Our vinyl marine flooring is tough enough for a power washer, but cleans with just soap/water or a vinyl-safe boat cleaner.

    1. Resists Marine Stains and Odors

Resistant to common chemicals and contaminants found around the water – oil, gas, suntan lotions, salts, fish guts and blood, and more – G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine cleans in a breeze. Although not completely stain-proof, it is always recommended to deal with stubborn stains ASAP. Your flooring won’t harbor fish scents or marine odors, either, so you can breathe easy on and off shore.

    1. Slip-Resistant and Flame Retardant

To improve safety on the water, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Solid has passed the traction and fire testing requirements to make this claim.

    1. Made in the USA

G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is manufactured by Better Life Technology in the Midwest US in Emporia, Kansas. American-made products are known for their quality materials, higher standards of production, safety and labor regulations and more environmentally-friendly practices. G-Floor so strongly believes in the superiority of its top flooring for pontoon and boats, that it backs its vinyl marine flooring with a 5-year limited warranty and 3-year UV exposure.

Joining the G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Solid collection is our fine imaged boat flooring products. If solid colors aren’t your thing and you need more design, check out the G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Premier Collection of simulated wood patterns and G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Simplicity collection of coastal faux weaves and fibers.