Say Goodbye to Hot Feet and Hello to Cooler Toes with G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine

Say goodbye to hot feet and hello to cool toes with G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring!

The switch from carpet boat flooring to vinyl raises a concern: will my feet burn? After hours in the sun, marine carpeting DOES get hot and so does vinyl. However, not all things are equal. That begs the question "which one retains more heat?"

After searching the internet to find a marine flooring that doesn’t get hot under extreme temperatures, it’s nearly impossible to find a marine flooring that remains cool from exposure to sunlight. 

Woven vs. vinyl, who is the winner? After conducting tests with woven marine flooring, we've discovered that... The woven marine flooring registered 13 degrees hotter than non-woven G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl boat flooring.

Vinyl flooring repels the sun’s damaging UV rays and immediately feels cooler to the touch. G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring consists of a marine-grade topcoat and a UV-inhibitor for long term color retention.

When the heat is on, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is cooler and provides a more comfortable surface for your feet. Check out the complete line of marine flooring today at