The Reviews are in: G-Floor® Keeps the Garage ‘Ship-Shape’

At G-Floor® we love hearing from our customers on how they like and use our many polyvinyl flooring products. One recent review from a customer in Canada caught our attention.


“I purchased a G-Floor garage mat about a year ago at Costco and must say that it has made a great improvement in keeping our garage ship-shape. Surprisingly, with our winters, it is nearly impossible to keep the garage floor clean, yet the mat was amazing needing only a small wipe-down with a sponge brush and it came out clean. Anything that came off the car stayed on the mat and was easily wiped off or swept off. I only wish I had bought it years earlier – many thanks for a fine product.”

Bob S. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


No one says it better than the people who live and work atop our premium G-Floor solid polyvinyl flooring day in and day out. It’s easy clean up and low maintenance make G-Floor an excellent choice for not only the garage, but for utility, office, retail, mobile and home use. With DIY installation, it’s as easy to roll-out and fit to size as it is to clean up, too. Because it is purposely-engineered and manufactured in the USA of 100% polyvinyl without any layers, fillers or laminate, G-Floor floor coverings outperform and outlast, resisting scratches, peeling, tears, curling and more. Join Bob and millions of other commercial and residential customers who choose G-Floor for simplicity, versatility and durability!