What is the thickness of this flooring?
Levant™ has an overall thickness of 0.055" and a base thickness of 0.055".
Ribbed™ has an overall thickness of 0.11" and a base thickness of 0.055".
Small Coin™ has an overall thickness of 0.095" and a base thickness of 0.06".
Coin™ has an overall thickness of 0.11" and a base thickness of 0.075".
Diamond Tread™ has an overall thickness of 0.12" and a base thickness of 0.075".

Can I use this product on my outside patio cement floor?
Yes, the product can be installed outdoors. When installing outdoors it is recommended to fully glue down the flooring using an appropriate adhesive. Please review our warranty prior to outdoor use.

How uneven can the subfloor be for this product to work? My basement floor is broken concrete.
If there are any large gaps they would need to be filled. If you are "installing" (with adhesive) you will want to level the existing floor surface to provide a better area for adhesion. If you are not adhering the mat you do not need to level the floor surface. The mat is flexible and will contour to the floor to some extent. If you can start with a smooth surface your end result will be better.

Is there an odor to this material? Is it safe for indoor use?
The G-Floor® product line is Floor Score approved, which means that it has passed strict indoor air quality requirements, ensuring that it is safe for indoor use.

How long will it take to receive my flooring or accessories?
The size and weight of your order will determine the shipping method, ground or truck freight. Most orders leave the factory within 3 days and depending upon your location you could receive your order anywhere from with a week to 10 business days if your delivery address is toward the coast or in a remote area. Truck freight orders could take a few more days, but you will receive a call from the trucking company to set an appointment for delivery (on truck freight orders only). You must be home at time of delivery for orders shipped via truck freight.

How do I know if my product is going to ship via Small Package or truck freight?
Most orders (with the exception of 10' wide product) will ship via parcel service.  All 10' product will ship via truck freight. You must be home at time of delivery for orders shipped via truck freight.

Is the surface a hard plastic or is there any flexibility to it?
The material is 100% polyvinyl. Even the heaviest 75 mil item is not a "hard plastic" it is flexible and does not crack. It is solid all the way through the flooring, so there is no wear layer or filler. The color and material is the same all the way through.

Is this flooring appropriate for a commercial kitchen space?
This flooring would be appropriate for commercial applications. Most patterns have a raised texture which increase traction. The flooring is easy to clean and stain resistant as well as compliant with OSHA and ADA.

What adhesive do you apply to the G-floor® and plywood sub floor?
An acrylic based vinyl adhesive should be used for full glue down applications. Wood sub floors may also be primed/sealed before installation.

Does this product trap moisture?
Moisture coming from below or through the concrete subfloor should be addressed for the installation of any floor covering. It is recommended that the G-floor® mat be applied to a smooth, clean and dry concrete sub floor.

How does this hold up to magnesium chloride which is used in the roads in the wintertime where I live?
Yes, this product was designed to protect your concrete floor from the elements as well as chemicals such as oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, road salt, magnesium chloride and battery acid.

Is G-Floor® garage flooring resistant to battery acid?
Yes, this product is 100% polyvinyl and was designed to be driven on. It is resistant to oil, salt, brake fluid, battery acid, anti freeze and most common contaminates found in a garage.However, it is recommended that chemical spills be wiped up quickly as any harsh chemical could stain the product if left for a long period of time.

What is the normal Garage floor square footage?
An average size garage could be 9-14 feet wide by 18-22 feet long, per garage space. A single car garage space could range from 162 sq. ft. to 384 sq. ft. It is best to get good measurements of the garage to determine the amount of flooring needed.
Can objects on rollers be moved easily over this flooring?
Most G-Floor® does have a raised pattern so you would be moving over a bumpy area. The larger the casters the easier it will be to move objects over the flooring. You can secure one edge of the flooring with acrylic based double sided tape to keep the edge from lifting or moving.

Can this be used on a dirt floor that has concrete footing?
The ideal subfloor is a hard, flat surface.

Is it slippery when there is water on it?
The product passes all ASTM requirements for slip resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. As with any flooring, we recommend you use caution when the flooring is wet as it may be slippery.

Will it with stand sparks from grinding or welding? Will it catch fire if hot metal falls on it or just smoke/smolder?
This product passes critical radiant flux (ASTM E-648), it may melt but it will not ignite.

Can I cut it into strips?
Yes, this product is easily cut with a utility knife and a straight edge is helpful.

How do I know which side is facing up on the Center Trim?
The widest part of the trim goes directly on the floor.

Can this be laid over a cement garage floor that is damp, with moisture coming up from beneath the floor? Or will it collect moisture and create mold? G-Floor® is waterproof and will not allow water to penetrate in either direction, so if water is on the floor it can collect and cause mold to grow.
The floor of my garage is severely spalled, will that impact the product?
We recommend that the subfloor is clean, dry and smooth. Imperfections in the subfloor may show through.

Can you put this product on radiant heat floors?
G-Floor® flooring is safe for use the radiant heated floors. It should be completely adhered to the subfloor as the heated floor will cause expansion and contraction if it is not glued down.

Can this product be installed over an aluminum substrate? 
G-Floor® roll out flooring can be used on an aluminum substrate, but you'll need an adhesive that sticks to both aluminum and polyvinyl.

What preparation is needed other than cleaning? What tools are needed and any other materials, i.e. adhesive, where seems meet, to finish expose edges to openings to garage exterior door?
You may need a utility knife and straight edge to trim if needed. This flooring can be used loose lay or adhered if you want to. To adhere use an acrylic base vinyl adhesive or tape edges with an acrylic based double sided tape. If you want to seam two mats together you can use a seaming tape, it is one sided. If you want to finish off the edges you can use an edging trim to complete the exposed edges.