The New Trend of 2022: G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine Premier Woods Collection

The prep time for spring and summer boating is now! This April, it’s all about the Premier Woods collection from G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine.  Premier Woods marine flooring simulates the look of real wood without the maintenance.

Here’s what the collection has to offer:

Coming in a range of shades from light and coastal to dark and luxurious, all G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is seamless, 100% polyvinyl with a leather-like texture to bring a splash of a premium feel with the benefit of slip- and odor-resistance.

  • The Premier Woods collection is 120 mil in overall thickness with a 75 mil wear layer. The backing is a spun bound material to allow for quick and durable adhesion.
  • The marine-grade topcoat has a UV inhibitor for long-term color and image retention. This can be an issue between fibers or weaves in competitive product, but you don’t have to worry about it with G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine.
  • The no-blush surface won’t leave marks from wet towels, bathing suits, coolers or other damp/wet items left on the flooring.

G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine waterproof flooring resists wood rot, mold and mildew. This non-woven material, won’t snag, dent, crack, or peel. Let's take a look at some of the patterns, organized roughly by the darkest color to the lightest.

These colorways bring rich and warm tones of brown to any existing pontoon:

  • Teak and Dark Holly
  • Teak and Dark Holly Slanted Lines
  • Teak and Light Holly
  • Teak with Thin Vertical Lines

If you’re going for a light coastal look with gray tones, >Weathered Teaks are perfect for bringing in light look:

  • Weathered Teak and Dark Holly
  • Weathered Teak and Holly Vertical Lines
  • Weathered Teak Slanted Lines
  • Weathered Teak and Holly Slanted No Lines

The remaining two patterns are unique in their own way:

  • Nutmeg Teak and Holly Light- a dark faux wood look with light thick lines.
  • Almond Teak and Dark Holly- a light faux wood look with dark thick lines.


No matter what look you are going for, this gorgeous collection from AquaTread® creates an effortless and upscale appearance! Order yours today at