G-Floor® Runner

Roll out the Runners! G-Floor® Flooring has added a new product to the line!  A mat that provides additional coverage in your garage, home, or workspace! Here are our top three favorite things about the new “must-have” G-Floor Runners!


  1. Provide extreme durability
  2. G-Floor Runners are constructed of 100% polyvinyl and have a smooth back that lays perfectly on hard surfaces. They provide durable protection on concrete, hardwood, LVT, and tile from scratches, dirt, and debris. A G-Floor Runner can be positioned along the edges of your garage to catch debris from lawn mowers, snow blowers, trash cans, and muddy shoes- all while your floor stays clean!


  3. Waterproof and Chemical-resistant 
  4. G-Floor Runners provide a waterproof, stain and chemical-resistant surface. They protect your floors from gas, oil, and other spills. The great thing about G-Floor® products is that cleanup is easy with just soap and water!


  5. Additional Coverage
  6. The unique thing about these Runners is that they provide additional coverage to your garage. You can position a G-Floor® Runner on either side of your existing mat extending the amount of coverage you previously had. Just like that your single G-Floor parking pad has gained from 2’6” to 5 feet in width when you place runners on each side of the mat. G-Floor® Runners can be placed anywhere from hall runners, entrances, commercial environments, shipping areas, or on any subfloor needing durable coverage besides the garage. 


Tip: A fun way to add a custom look to your garage is by choosing a contrasting color and pattern. The Runners come in either Midnight Black or Slate Grey with your choice in the signature Ribbed texture or smooth Levant. 

Whether you use it as a stand-alone product or pair with any G-Floor® mat, you will be pleased to have the protection of G-Floor®! Order your runners today at gfloor.com!