A Beginner's Guide to G-Floor® Trailer Flooring

When it comes to trailer flooring, wood just doesn’t hold up. It rots, dents, cracks, and water is its worst enemy! Adhering G-Floor® Trailer Flooring gives you all the benefits and a high-end look. Here’s everything you need to know about the extremely durable product.  


Unique and Durable Construction 

G-Floor® Trailer Flooring is 100% polyvinyl with NO laminates or fillers. The spun bound backing was carefully designed to grab adhesive and provide durability under extreme conditions.  


Provides Maximum Protection 

G-Floor® Trailer Flooring is flexible and keeps the trailer subfloor protected from heavy equipment, water damage, cracks etc. Resistant to mud, salt, common chemicals, and outdoor debris. G-Floor® Trailer Flooring requires little maintenance and simply cleans with water and soap. G-Floor® durable trailer flooring will improve the look of your trailer and will last! it won’t crack, peel or curl, and shields wooden subfloor from deterioration, rust, wood rot, and other harsh chemicals.  


Multiple Sizes and Patterns Offered 

The signature G-Floor® patterns provide texture for a slip-resistant surface. Choose between Diamond Tread, Coin, Small Coin, Levant, and a unique printed Ceramic. Each pattern comes in multiple sizes and colors to provide a custom look for your space. Not sure which pattern or color to get? G-Floor® offers Trailer Flooring samples! 


Installation is DIY Friendly 

Installing G-Floor® Trailer Flooring is easy. Use an industrial strength adhesive like the G-Floor® Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Make sure that the adhesive is suitable for use with sheet vinyl and your subfloor. For the perfect fit, all G-Floor® Flooring can be trimmed to fit with a utility knife!  


G-Floor Trailer® Flooring is not limited to just trailers! It can be installed anywhere you need a durable, waterproof flooring! The spun bound backing will help to insulate and provide a little bit of cushion 


Perfect for: 

  • Commercial environments 
  • Workshops 
  • Sheds
  • Toy haulers 
  • Modular Units  
  • Basements 


Keep your trailer floor as good as the day you bought it! Check out the entire line of Trailer Flooring at gfloor.com!