Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Clean Out the Garage and/or Setup a Grow Room for Mom

Looking for unique gift ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day? Instead of the traditional last minute gifts of candy, flowers, perfume or brunch out, treat her to a real surprise on May 12th. Give her a gift with a lot of thought, effort and heart. Consider cleaning out the garage for her, and while you’re at it, setup a grow room space within the garage for all her indoor gardening needs.

Setting up a grow room space can be a fun and creative project, but you’ve got to make room within the garage before you start. Here are some simple tips to clean out the garage and a few easy ideas to organize the garage in as little as one day or one weekend.

  1. Divide and conquer. Separate your garage space in half or in four quadrants if it’s extremely cluttered. Move everything out of one side or space and move it to the other area so you have a clean slate to work with. As you move through each area, take note of what is trash, what might be duplicates, what is broken, or what is out of date or never used any more.
  2. Get rid of the obvious. As you go through each section, create piles of items to keep, throw away, recycle, donate or move elsewhere.
  3. Clean the emptied area. This can be accomplished with just a broom. Knock down cobwebs, clean the ceiling and windows and sweep the garage flooring, moving debris outside and into the driveway.
  4. Thoughtfully return and place items to the clean side. Think about how you might create areas for sporting goods, lawn equipment, tools, Christmas supplies, etc. Use existing storage shelves, hanging pegboards and bins whenever possible before purchasing anything new. Try to keep as much off the floor as possible.
  5. Repeat the process on the other side of the garage or other designated areas.

For fun, you might place a big bow on the garage door for Mom as you present your gift of a garage makeover, the gift that will keep on giving long after Mother’s Day. If you want to kick things up a notch, surprise Mom with new flooring for the garage or a garage parking pad for her car.

And if you were successful in carving out a little extra space to setup a grow room in the garage, you can add a potting table, bench and all the supplies she’ll need for indoor gardening in her special area.

Of course, there are many great spaces to setup an indoor grow room outside of the garage and inside the home. She might enjoy a little indoor gardening space for growing indoors in an unused portion of the basement, sunroom, utility room or kitchen/great room. Whatever and wherever you decide, you are sure to WOW Mom this year with these unexpected, but much appreciated one-of-a-kind gifts.