Wherever You Want Functional, Eye-catching Floor Protection, G-Floor® Coin™ Vinyl Floor Mats have You Covered

Highly-popular Coin™ G-Floor® Universal Flooring roll out vinyl mats look good while hiding floor imperfections and preventing further floor damage. Coin™ pattern is made up of slightly raised circles about the size of a quarter that grip for added traction and slip-resistance, making it a practical choice for garage flooring commercial flooring and residential flooring. With so many redeeming qualities, Coin™ uses are virtually unlimited, making it one of our best vinyl flooring options and a top-seller.

G-Floor Coin™ texture comes in three neutral colors – Slate Grey, Midnight Black and Sandstone – and is available in five vinyl flooring roll sizes – 5ft x 10ft, 7ft 6in x 17ft, 8ft 6in x 22ft, 8ft 6in x 24ft and 10ft x 24ft. Use one mat where desired or use multiple mats for wall-to-wall coverage in basements, laundry and utility rooms, recreational rooms, gyms of all shapes and sizes, and so many other spaces in your home, business or mobile or modular unit.

This waterproof and ultra-durable, all-purpose flooring makes great commercial flooring for warehouses, workshops, industrial kitchens, healthcare facilities, educational settings, emergency vehicles, kennels and veterinary clinics, and the list goes on. Coin™ G-Floor Universal Flooring goes anywhere indoors and out because it repels stains from all kinds of chemicals, prevents mold and mildew and cleans up easily with soap and water.

Manufactured in the USA of premium 100% polyvinyl, G-Floor Coin™ does not include any fillers (paper, foam, clay), laminates or thin wear layers.  As a result, it won’t crack, buckle, peel or curl, and will outlive other competitors on the market. You’ll enjoy years of performance from your Coin™ vinyl flooring mats without deterioration, even under the harshest conditions.

G-Floor Coin™ as a 75 mil base and is 110 mil thick overall. Its appealing pattern features raised circles 1.25in in diameter with a 0.030in relief, spaced 0.025in apart. 

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