G-Floor Ribbed™ Channel Flooring® isn’t only for the garage anymore!

Although G-Floor’s Ribbed™ textured roll out vinyl flooring got its start as the #1 garage floor protector, this channeled pattern has found a home covering the floors of a variety of different places.

Ribbed™ is the foundation of the G-Floor product line and was originally designed to collect debris, snow and water for easy clean up. Since 1998, G-Floor Ribbed™ has led our signature line of 100% solid polyvinyl garage floor mats, helping residential and commercial customers contain messes. G-Floor Ribbed™ pattern resists harsh corrosives, oils, anti-freeze, battery fluids and common household, automotive and commercial chemicals.

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, our patented, parallel channeled Ribbed™ design runs the entire length of our vinyl roll out flooring. Raised ridges are 0.125in wide, 0.03in tall and spaced 0.375in apart. Its grooved surface also provides excellent traction and slip control, while offering insulating and sound buffering benefits.

The classic style and tough performance that has made Ribbed™ a leader in garage flooring, also makes G-Floor Ribbed™ a top choice anywhere you need the most durable flooring protection. We recommend commercial-grade Ribbed™ texture for:

  • Residential garages and parking pads for autos, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.
  • Industrial garages
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Storage areas and sheds
  • Basements
  • Utility spaces and Laundry rooms
  • Educational settings
  • Healthcare environments
  • Gyms
  • Greenhouses
  • RVs and Emergency Vehicles

Use our Ribbed™ pattern to provide years of waterproof subfloor protection from deterioration, mold and mildew. Ribbed™, like the entire G-Floor family of flooring products and patterns, is constructed of 100% premium polyvinyl that won’t scratch, peel, tear or curl even under extended use and extreme outdoor weather conditions.

G-Floor Ribbed™ texture is available in two sizes, three colors and our Clear Solid Vinyl Floor Protector. Just roll out, trim to fit to any custom space, or butt multiple G-Floor Ribbed™ vinyl flooring rolls for a complete wall to wall installation.