Use Attractive G-Floor® Small Coin™ Vinyl Flooring Rolls for All Your Residential Flooring or Commercial Flooring Needs

The G-Floor® Small Coin™ line of roll out flooring is designed for function, durability and beauty. Its low-profile, small circles make it an unpretentious complement to any home, office or retail décor.

Our Small Coin™ pattern provides a 60 mil base with a 95 mil overall thickness. Small Coin™ features raised, textured circles on a staggered grid that are 0.75in in diameter with a 0.025in relief, spaced 0.125in apart. The rough surface of Small Coin™ has slight protrusions and provides great slip-resistance, yet is super easy to clean with just soap, water, vacuum/mop/broom or mild vinyl cleaner.

Available in 5 sizes – 5' x 10', 7'6" x 17', 8'6" x 22', 8'6" x 24', 10' x 24' – in versatile Slate Grey and Midnight Black, Small Coin™ will give any small or large space an upbeat, updated vibe. Because it provides superior protection from water, mold, mildew, stains and subfloor deterioration, utilize Small Coin™ in almost any setting.

Commercial: Garages, industrial kitchens, warehouses, retail stores, gyms, offices, hallways, healthcare facilities, senior living communities, educational environments, cafeterias, mobile and modular units, emergency vehicles, RVs, veterinary clinics, kennels and more!

Residential: Garages, parking pads for cars/motorcycles/ATVs/golf carts and other equipment, utility areas, storage spaces, sheds, laundry rooms, basements, kitchens, baths, recreational rooms and RVs

In addition to those already mentioned, Small Coin™ offers all the other attributes found in G-Floor Universal Flooring vinyl floor mats:

  • Premium, waterproof, 100% solid polyvinyl construction
  • Years of protection under heavy use and in extreme temperatures and weather conditions
  • Withstands cracking, tearing, scratching, peeling, splitting or curling
  • Appealing means to hide floor imperfections
  • DIY installation; trim to fit; use one vinyl floor roll or butt multiple vinyl floor mats together for wall-to-wall coverage
  • Resists oils, acids, automotive fluids, road salt, dirt, grime and other harmful chemicals/ contaminants/corrosives
  • Cushioning, insulating and sound buffering
  • Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty

Don’t forget to include G-Floor accessories in your Small Coin™ makeover project for a more permanent, finished look to your floors!