Find the Quality of Leather at Exceptional Value in Luxury Levant™ Multi-purpose Vinyl Flooring

Our most versatile G-Floor® Universal Flooring texture is Levant roll out polyvinyl flooring. With its buttery surface texture resembling real leather, Levant™ luxury vinyl rolls create an expensive ambiance in almost any room without breaking the budget.

Much like real leather, our Levant flooring is comprised of a semi-smooth texture with shallow valleys and abrupt edges (think about the look and feel of your favorite leather jacket or chair). Because of its subtle pattern and clean, sleek details, G-Floor Levant has a place in nearly any residential room or commercial space.

Levant gives your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, utility room, workspace, recreational area or playroom an instant high-end makeover. Yet Levant is so unassuming that it is the perfect touch to add a bit of elegance to cover a concrete basement floor. And don’t let Levant good looks fool you – it is as strong and durable as all our other G-Floor Universal Flooring textures and is tough enough to drive a car on. That’s why Levant works just as well covering the floor of the garage or as a parking pad to showcase a vehicle as it does in a casual home living room.

While our other patterns – Ribbed, Coin, Small Coin and Diamond Tread – have a more raised texture, Levant™ and its velvety, nearly level texture is ideal for a variety of commercial applications. It makes moving furniture, rolling chairs and transporting heavy equipment easy in office buildings, healthcare facilities and educational settings. Levant is also a more appealing option than usually available for RVs, trailers and modular units.

With its stylish design and appealing color options, Levant is inviting for retail store customers, restaurant patrons and gym members, too. It is our thickest vinyl flooring surface (55 mil), making Levant a top choice for comfort underfoot as well as safety. Levant is waterproof, flame retardant, slip-resistant and resists stains, mold and mildew. It’s so easy to clean and so soft to walk on, Levant floor mats make great kennel liners and flooring for vet and animal facilities.

Like all our G-Floor 100% premium polyvinyl flooring products, Levant is ultra-durable floor protection manufactured in the USA to last for years under heavy use and harsh conditions. You can even use it outdoors. G-Floor Clear Solid Vinyl Floor Protectors are also engineered using this high-end Levant texture to protect expensive carpet, hardwoods and stone tiles.

You can install G-Floor Levant rollout flooring yourself without hiring a contractor, so what are you waiting for? It’s time for a room makeover with luxurious Levant, the affordable, go anywhere, all-purpose, leather-like vinyl flooring!