G-Floor® vinyl Flooring on Wood Deck Outdoors

With cool, fall weather just around the corner, and people wanting to do more entertaining outside, decks and patios become the place to relax after a long day and expand the living areas of your home. What started as garage flooring, has now transformed into flooring for any space. However, does this polyvinyl flooring survive the outdoors? Here are three frequently asked questions to answer yours!

     1. Can G-Floor® be used outdoors?

     2. Can G-Floor® Vinyl Flooring go over decks?

     3. Can G-Floor® be used over concrete outdoors?

Drum roll please… YES! G-Floor® polyvinyl flooring is extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather. Avoid deterioration on your subfloor with a waterproof, slip-resistant, flame retardant G-Floor®. Also resistant to oils, mud, and salt the vinyl flooring provides an attractive protective covering.

G-Floor® PVC flooring can be installed over wood or concrete. It is recommended that if installing on wooden decks, to fully adhere the flooring to a smooth, level surface. Be sure to use an acrylic based adhesive that is suitable for outdoor use. For best results with your G-Floor® flooring on concrete, it should be fully adhered to smooth, dry, clean concrete. You can use patch repair to cover any cracks or voids. This allows for a smooth look with appropriate adhesion

Update the look of your decks and patios, plus add living and entertaining space with G-Floor® today!



Note: You may experience some fading, over time, in direct sunlight.