Image of G-Floor® Vinyl Pet Floor Covering

All pet owners know how messy and unpredictable their furry friends can be. From the first day you brought your puppy home, those innocent eyes could do no wrong… a few accidents, and a stained and chewed floor later, you realized you were wrong. G-Floor® Pet Flooring protects floors from scratches, stains, odors, deterioration, discoloration and so much more while adding a sleek look to your pet’s kennel or play area.

Why you need G-Floor® Pet Flooring

  1. G-Floor® Pet Flooring is an easy to roll out, 100% solid polyvinyl mat that protects your floors from accidents, messes, and scratches.
  2. With no adhesive required, these mats are waterproof, resistant to mold and mildew, and extremely durable for those avid chewers out there. They are repositionable over any flooring.
  3. G-Floor® Flooring ensures extreme durability for big paws and rough play. There is no need to worry about dogs damaging or scratching your hard wood, carpet, or tile floors.
  4. Cleanup is effortless. Mud, treats, bones, water spills, urine, litter, and other messes wipe right up leaving no stains, residue, or odor.
  5. All kennel liners can be used either indoor or outdoor and trimmed to fit any size kennel or space like:
  • Crates
  • Shelters
  • Play Areas
  • In front and under litter boxes
  • Groomer’s work area
  • Pet training centers
  • Veterinarian’s offices and much more.


Wherever your furry friends reside, G-Floor® Pet Flooring makes sure your pets are comfortable and your floors are safe! Order yours today and protect your floor from thousands in repairs.