Winterized Garage with G-Floor® Flooring

What does your pre-winter checklist look like? For most, it consists of keeping the house warm, ensuring the fireplace works, and making sure you are fully stocked on winter essentials. Something that can’t be overlooked however, is the garage.

Garage Doors 

First things first… winterizing your garage door. Weatherstripping around garage doors is a little fix that prevents cold air from blowing in. The G-Floor® Garage Door Threshold Seal/Trim creates a solid, physical barrier against water, snow, dirt, leaves, pests and other unwanted elements. Since the seal is attached directly to the floor, you have a better, tighter seal to prevent wind from blowing contaminants into your garage space. It alleviates any gaps or cracks where there might be an uneven surface. As an added benefit, our innovative Threshold seal keeps air drafts from seeping under, reducing energy costs throughout the year.

Cold weather can affect your garage door’s ability to open and close. Making sure the metal parts of your garage door work smoothly prior to fall/winter can eliminate this problem. The last thing anyone wants is getting trapped outside their home in a snowstorm!

Garage Insulation

Although most garages are not temperature controlled, there are ways to prevent a frozen garage in negative degree weather. The most obvious solution is to make sure your house stays warm in order to avoid frozen pipes. If your garage doors are in need of an upgrade, buying insulated garage doors is the way to go; however, applying insulation to your already existing doors can go a long way.

Garage Floor

Another thing that needs to be checked off the list is inspecting the garage floors. Concrete garage floors put up with salt and other harsh chemicals throughout the snowy seasons causing costly damage if not protected. Making sure the concrete floor is sealed properly and free of cracks will help prevent further damage. Covering your garage floor with G-Floor® roll out vinyl flooring will ensure the most durable protection - plus it is simple to roll out, easy to clean, and waterproof.


Follow these tips before it’s too late and read how G-Floor® Flooring can save your garage this winter here