Everything You Should Know About Using Adhesive to Install G-Floor®
  1. Do I need to glue down G-Floor® flooring mats to install?
  2. Nope. G-Floor® is designed for DIY ease of installation. Our vinyl roll-out flooring simply unrolls for free-floating flooring installation. Just trim to fit with a utility knife and straight edge. Multiple mats may be butted together for wall-to-wall flooring installation.

  3. Are there instances when it’s best to adhere G-Floor® to the subfloor?
  4. Yes, here are a couple of occasions when G-Floor® should adhere to the substrate:

    • This product is recommended for use indoors but can be used outdoors if permanently adhered to reduce contraction and expansion issues. For warranty purposes, outdoor installation requires that the product be fully glued down. An acrylic-based vinyl adhesive should be used. This product is extremely durable and will not break down under extreme weather conditions or sunlight, however, direct sunlight may cause the color to fade. Please be aware the warranty does not cover UV exposure. For use on patios, decks, etc. underneath outdoor fixtures, please find more helpful information here.
    • G-Floor® vinyl flooring is pliable and can be bent without cracking so it may be used on stairs. We recommend you use or consult a professional installer for proper stair installation. This product should be fully adhered to avoid safety issues as with any flooring on stairs.
  5. What is the best vinyl flooring adhesive to use with G-Floor®?
  6. When installing a vinyl flooring product with adhesive, it must be an acrylic-based adhesive product ONLY. You will also want to be sure the adhesive you are using works with the substrate you are installing G-Floor® on, i.e. wood, aluminum, and concrete.

  7. If I’m installing vinyl flooring over a wood substrate, what adhesive is best?
  8. We recommend and sell only G-Floor® Marine & Outdoor Adhesive for installing G-Floor® especially over plywood. G-Floor® Marine & Outdoor is tailor-made specifically for G-Floor® Universal Flooring for commercial, residential and mobile flooring installation. It will have your G-Floor® roll out vinyl mats looking their absolute best when permanently installed for years down the road. This formulated adhesive is a high-strength, water-based, UV-stable bond that can be used indoors or outdoors for a multitude of applications including, decks, trailers, kitchens, offices, retail stores and more. 

  9. What adhesive should I use to install vinyl flooring over something other than wood?
  10. Acrylic-based glues are the ONLY adhesive recommended by the manufacturers of G-Floor for use on polyvinyl flooring. Remember that you will need to use an adhesive that works for both vinyl and your particular subfloor. For example, if you are adhering G-Floor® to concrete, you will want a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) designed especially for concrete and vinyl. Please keep in mind, rubber-based adhesives (SBR) will cause the vinyl flooring to contract some.

Before any G-Floor® roll out vinyl flooring installation – loose-lay or permanent – always start with a clean, dry subfloor free of large holes, cracks, and debris. Any large imperfections will eventually show through vinyl floor mats. If you are installing flooring with adhesive you will want to level the existing floor surface to provide a better area for adhesion.

In addition, you will find a wide variety of G-Floor® seaming and finishing products to give your free-floating mats or your wall-to-wall permanently installed vinyl rolls a professional touch!