10 Reasons Why Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings and G-Floor Clear Cover Epoxy Protectors Belong Together

As the seller of G-Floor® top vinyl roll out garage floor protectors, we can’t deny that some customers choose to cover the garage floor with epoxy or other garage coatings, paints or stains. Epoxy is a popular garage flooring option during a garage renovation that looks great but can be a big investment in time and money. Epoxy flooring for commercial spaces, residential rooms and garages come in many forms of decorative concrete flooring including metallic epoxy flooring, polished concrete flooring, polyurea flooring and more.

If you are considering epoxy for the garage floor, have just installed an epoxy floor, or are a supplier and installer of concrete garage floor coatings, you’ll need offerings to protect the epoxy investment, maintain its beauty and extend the life of customers’ epoxy coatings so they won’t need replacement every few years. Let us introduce you to G-Floor’s Clear Cover Epoxy Protector. Our clear garage floor mats go with concrete epoxy flooring like peas go with carrots for so many great reasons.

    1. Durable Clear Vinyl Epoxy Floor Protector

G-Floor clear floor protectors are engineered differently than most other PVC flooring rolls. G-Floor is constructed of 100% polyvinyl throughout the product. It does not contain filler – paper, foam or clay – and G-Floor does not use laminate or a thin wear layer which can break down more quickly over time and with moisture. Other vinyl flooring manufacturers use high-quality materials on only the top 10-20% of their product to make it look good but their clear vinyl products won’t offer the same durability and performance of G-Floor Clear Cover Epoxy Protectors. G-Floor is the most durable vinyl garage flooring on the market today and will provide years of protection for your epoxy garage finish.

    1. Good-Looking Clear Floor Protector That Shows Off the Beauty of Your Epoxy

Our Clear floor cover and epoxy protector mats enhance the beauty of your new floor while providing long lasting protection. Nothing gets hidden and G-Floor offers two great patterns to choose from:

    1. Clear Epoxy Floor Protection from Hot Tires

A G-Floor clear garage floor protector is the best solution to preventing your nice epoxy from sticking to your tires after you park your car in the garage. “Hot tire pickup” or “hot tire lift” (when heat transfers from a hot tire to the epoxy) is one of the biggest downfalls to epoxy coated garage flooring. Nothing worse than seeing your epoxy investment peel up or away from heated tires and our clear covering seals off your tires from coming in contact with the epoxy.

    1. Hides Flooring Imperfections

Epoxy garage coatings are notorious for highlighting any cracks, holes and other surface impairments in the concrete subfloor underneath. G-Floor clear epoxy garage floor protectors add another layer to the substrate to conceal garage floor imperfections.

    1. Solid, Seamless, Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

G-Floor clear garage floor mats have a single-piece design with no weak points. As a result, our Clear Cover Epoxy Protector resists mold and mildew. G-Floor also resists scratching, denting, cracking, peeling, buckling and curling, culprits to early deterioration.

    1. Resists Stains and Protects from Common Garage Contaminants

Clear garage floor covers will protect epoxy from car drips and spills like damaging oil, battery acid, brake fluid, anti-freeze and more. G-Floor also resists mud, road salt and other common and harsh garage chemicals.

    1. Roll-Out Clear Floor Cover is Easy to Install

No adhesive is needed to install over epoxy flooring. Just unroll and trim to fit with a straight edge and utility knife. Use multiple Clear Cover Epoxy Protectors and butt together for larger coverage. You can drive on it immediately after laying flat. G-Floor Clear Floor Cover and Protector is available in two sizes to fit any space:

      • 7'6’ x 17’
      • 10’ x 24’

    1. Simple to Clean Clear Floor Cover

Liquid spills and dirt and debris clean up with a mop/broom/vacuum and/or water, mild detergent or vinyl safe cleaner. Because free floating clear mats are not adhered, you can easily take them out on the driveway to hose off, too.

    1. Slip-resistant Flooring; Flame Retardant Flooring

G-Floor Clear Cover Epoxy Protector adds additional traction to make your garage a safe place to work and play. G-Floor also passes all recommended ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards and is also FloorScore® certified for indoor air quality.

    1. Buffers Sounds and Hard Epoxy Concrete Surfaces

Vinyl clear floor protectors add a layer of floor protection. And they will help buffer loud noises and sounds from garage machinery.

G-Floor® Universal Flooring is the Gold Standard of garage flooring and our Clear Cover Epoxy Protector is the #1 epoxy garage floor protector in the world. G-Floor is Made in the USA of the highest quality products and highest production standards. We so strongly believe in all our roll out vinyl flooring mats, including our clear solid vinyl epoxy protector, that we guarantee it with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Every epoxy flooring customer needs to protect their investment and extend the life of their garage floor coating!