G-Floor Drip & Dry Garage Flooring

Spring is here and with it comes the perfect opportunity to tackle two of the most neglected spaces in and outside our home- the garage and shed.  Often used as a dumping ground for everything from old dirty boots to forgotten outdoor toys. Both of these places somehow tend to accumulate clutter faster than we realize. With a little time and effort, it’s time to transform these spaces from chaotic into an organized functional area.


  1. Declutter

For successful results, start by removing everything from your garage or shed and sorting items into categories such as keep, toss, or donate. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used the items within a year, then it’s time to say goodbye. This will help clear out space as well as give you a picture of what will need to be organized.



  1. Clean and Repair

Now that the junk is out and you can finally see the floor, it’s time to clean and repair. Sweep the floors and/or hose down to remove any dirt and grime that have accumulated over the winter season. Take a look at the floor and repair any cracks or spalling to avoid further damage.



  1. Install G-Floor Garage or Shed Flooring

Keep your subfloor protected from road salt, harsh chemicals, oil, battery acid, heavy equipment, and harsh chemicals with durable, waterproof G-Floor. The easy care, slip-resistant flooring is 100% vinyl and durable under vehicles. G-Floor is easy to install by simply rolling out and positioning into place. The stain- and scratch-resistant flooring will look give your garage a clean, new look for years. Between the many textures and colors there is a perfect match for every garage and shed.



  1. The Fun Part: Organize

Invest in storage solutions that are going to work for you and your items. It’s helpful to keep things in designated spots such as gardening, sports, shoes, etc. This will help you access items when you need them while maintaining a clean space.



  1. Keep it up

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be this in depth each year. Continue to keep the space clutter free and organized throughout the year for an efficient space.



Let your garage be the envy of the neighborhood where you can leave the garage doors open this summer and be proud. Roll up your sleeves, turn on a good song, and get ready to get organized! Happy cleaning from G-Floor.



To purchase G-Floor Garage or Shed Flooring visit gfloor.com!