G-Floor® Outdoor & Marine on a pontoon boat

Water is wonderful, until it’s not. If you’ve ever had a house, car or boat damaged by water, you know what I’m saying. For those of us who either make boats or parts for boats, water can create huge problems. Fortunately, we have found innovative ways to protect the vessels that are surrounded by, and inundated with, water.

The pontoon industry has undergone huge changes over the last 40 years. The boats from the 80’s and before always started with a great look, but quickly deteriorated due to sun and water damage. The old boats were notorious for rotting floors, decaying carpet, and substandard electrical fixtures. I remember the beautiful pontoon my parents bought when I was a child. It was the nicest boat on our lake… for about three years. After three long summers, the seats were baked, the carpet was pulling up, the radio was totally shot and there were several soft spots in the decking.

Today we have a means to ward off this rapid deterioration. The vinyl seats are better suited for the marine environment, the decks are made of better quality plywood and manufacturers have moved away from carpet. Carpet was the standard for decades, but it came with many pitfalls. First, everything sticks to it, like leaves, sticks, fish scales, dog hair . . . you name it, it sticks. The second downside to carpet is its porous nature and its tendency to hold water. The result is mold, mildew, and an acceleration of the breakdown of the plywood. Many times, I have ripped carpet off of old boats and am amazed how heavy the carpet is due to the waterlogging.

One of the most significant developments in the pontoon industry was the introduction of vinyl flooring. Marine polyvinyl, like the material produced by G-Floor®, is impermeable to water. The top wear layer is welded to the backing. A strong bond of glue essentially makes the polyvinyl one with the plywood subfloor. Moisture is kept out, thus protecting and increasing the life of the plywood. The impermeable material not only keeps out moisture, but it reduces staining. If you spill a glass of red wine, it is not going to soak into the floor.

A key point to know is that not all marine vinyl is impermeable. Most of the woven vinyl is porous. It definitely has benefits over carpet, but it does not protect your subfloor from moisture penetration like G Floor.

If you are seeking a product that is easy to clean, looks gorgeous, and protects your subfloor, then G-Floor Outdoor & Marine is your solution! Be sure to check out the full line of G-Floor Outdoor & Marine flooring today!