100% Solid Polyvinyl Made in the USA – Why is that so important for you?
When shopping for vinyl flooring, it is imperative that you understand what your prospective choices contain and how they are manufactured to make the most informed purchasing decision. There is a principal reason why G-Floor® is considered the Gold Standard of polyvinyl flooring, and it is one that is critical to determining the longevity of your flooring investment.

G-Floor is engineered differently than other vinyl flooring products. It is made in the USA of 100% solid polyvinyl through and through without any layers, fillers or laminates. Why does that matter?

When vinyl flooring is produced using thin layers, those layers have a tendency to breakdown more quickly, tear more easily, dent under heavy furniture and are often more brittle and rigid. If the layers are comprised of fragile fillers commonly used in vinyl flooring such as paper, clay or foam, they get compacted together within the flooring product, actually decreasing product durability and performance over time. 

Sure, a floor covering may look great at first glance because the top 10-20% of the surface might be composed of a higher quality material wear layer than the remaining base and filler layer. But wear layers eventually wear down and wear out. You’ll begin to see your flooring peel, curl and tear. Colors will fade and any textures or patterns look worn well before their time. Some layers that are a different color from the original top layer color start to show through. If laminate is used on top of the vinyl flooring product, it is equally prone to peeling, splitting, scratching, etc.

Once a non-solid vinyl floor covering cracks, scratches, peels, splits or receives any type of wear layer deterioration, it is no longer waterproof. Water will creep in and quickly raise havoc inside the flooring, breaking down the fillers and layers and your floor becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

G-Floor 100% polyvinyl flooring is waterproof through and through because it is constructed of solid polyvinyl. G-Floor is also:

  • Superior protection from other liquids including damaging corrosives, oils and other chemical spills
  • Resistant to splitting, cracking, peeling, curling, denting, staining and more
  • Easy to clean - even stubborn grime, dirt and other contaminants
  • Lightweight and easy to install by just rolling out; no adhesive needed
  • Slip-resistant, providing better traction
  • Stylish with a variety of colors, patterns and textures to choose from

We so strongly believe in the superiority of our specially-engineered 100% solid polyvinyl flooring that G-Floor is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty under normal use.