October 2022 G‑Floor Newsletter

\2022's New Entries to the G‑Floor® Lineup

This was a momentous year for G‑Floor, thanks to an array of new products in our lineup. Between large-size Ceramic texture flooring, shed flooring, shower pan liners, and new (smaller) sizes of pet mats for under crates, cages, and kennels, there's a little something for everyone.

Let's take a moment to recap the newest offerings from this year and what they bring to the table floor.

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Small But Mighty

They may be small in stature, but they punch above their weight: G‑Floor® Crate, Cage, and Kennel Mats are the same durable vinyl flooring now available in smaller sizes. We've made these mats specifically to fit under the most popular sizes of pet enclosures to protect your floors from scratches and wear.

Learn more about our five favorite features of new Crate, Cage, and Kennel Mats in our blog post.

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New Crate, Cage, and Kennel Mats


Cushion Your Ride with Trailer Flooring

If you're hauling snowmobiles or ATVs this winter, cleanup is probably the last thing on your mind. Line your trailer or hauler with G‑Floor trailer flooring for added durability and slip resistance, or just because you want to protect your trailer's floor from tire stains and water damage.

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Mats for More Than Motorcycles

Preserve the longevity of your floor with a motorcycle mat to protect it from leaks and spills. They're great for storing your vehicle for winter. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate small sport bikes, ATV/UTVs, side-by-sides, trikes, riding mowers, and more.

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Sandstone is anything but bland-stone

Just "Deserts"

In climates without snow, it's common for the winter winds to dry out soil and bring sand and silt into your garage. Our Sandstone color helps obscure light-colored debris so your garage looks cleaner for longer.

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One Isn't Enough!

Check out this great shot by Randy featuring a whole litter of adorable puppies on a clear G‑Floor vinyl mat. Thanks for your photo, Randy.

You can barely tell there's a floor mat under there!


Tips and Tricks

We know that G‑Floor® adds protection and a professional look to your garage, but vinyl flooring can benefit other spaces too!

Satisfied customers have used G‑Floor® in their mud room, underneath office chairs, in sheds and trailers, under fire trucks, and even in an airplane hangar.

G-Floor makes a great mat for office chairs


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I prepare my floor before installation?

A: Your floor must be clean and completely free of debris. It should also be level and free of any major cracks or defects. Sweep the area clean with a broom, clean any spills or stains, and fill any divots or spalling before installation.