Midnight Black G-Floor® for Pets

Finally, there is an ultra-durable, waterproof mat that's the perfect size to protect the floors beneath your pet's crate!  Whether your floors are hardwood, tile, or concrete, these mats save your space from scraps, scratches, scuffs, and spills. Here’s a list of our top 5 favorite things about the new Crate and Kennel Mats!  


    1. 100% polyvinyl construction 

This is what sets our mats apart from the rest: this quality makes them waterproof and tough enough to drive a car on, yet gentle on your floors!

    1. Hassle-free installation: unwrap, unroll, and position in place 

No adhesive is required so you can reposition your mat or swap out kennels and crates with ease.

    1. The leather-like Levant™ texture is easy to clean and wipe away messes 

This texture, along with vinyl's added friction, also means your mat won't slide across smooth floors.

    1. Available in Midnight Black and Slate Grey colors and 28" x 42" and 34" x 48" sizes 

Customize your space with the best mat for your crate, cage, or kennel. Each mat can be easily trimmed to fit with a utility knife or heavy scissors to fit under smaller size enclosures, terrariums, and more. Try trimming a 28" x 42" mat for use as a shelf liner or under-sink mat.


When you place a mat under your crate, you protect your floor from damage. Avoid spending time and money trying to fix scratches or stains from liquids and spills.

These mats don’t only work under kennels. They are perfect for placement under aquariums, terrariums, and any other pet habitat in your home. Check out all the details today at gfloor.com