New Products fom G-Floor® Flooring

The lineup of G-Floor® products is getting bigger and better! The wide range of coverage from G-Floor® will have something for everyone, even our furry four-legged friends. Here’s the list of what G-Floor® decided to give us this year!

 1. Dog Crate, Cage, and Kennel Mats

The perfect, waterproof, mat that protects your floors below your animal’s crate. Easy to install and repositionable, these mats are hassle free and can be trimmed to fit. Not only do these mats work under cages and crates, they can also be placed under aquariums, terrariums, and other pet habitats.

2. Ceramic Garage Flooring

The universal garage flooring you know and love, but with a NEW texture. This Ceramic texture is similar to ceramic tiles that’s smooth to the touch, yet still provides enough texture to provide traction. With three different colors and multiple sizes to choose from, the 100% polyvinyl mat can be trimmed to fit any garage or space. 

3. Large Ceramic Pet Flooring

These mats are perfect for any larger area your pet may reside or play! With no adhesive required, these large yet lightweight mats can be repositioned into any room. Easy to clean and sized to cover your entire pet’s play area or kennel space, they protect your floors from scratches, dents, water damage and more!

 4. Shed Flooring

Whether your shed is a space for your hobby or a storage unit for lawn equipment, protect your subfloor from water damage, motor oil, gas, and much more.  Waterproof and stain resistant, G-Floor® Shed Flooring has a poly felt backing to help create a strong bond for adhering. Choose between multiple colors, textures, and sizes to make it feel custom to your needs.


Head to to see all the products G-Floor® has to offer and start planning your next project! Whether it’s for you or your pet, you’ll be glad you added G-Floor® to your home!