June 2023 G‑Floor Newsletter

Pure Performance

This month, G‑Floor® is welcoming a new product to the family: Performance Runners.

Available in 60" and 90" lengths, Performance Runners are made to provide strong G‑Floor vinyl in more discreet locations like hallways, workshops, walkways, sheds, and beyond.

Unlike G‑Floor garage flooring, Performance Runners have a fibrous backing that makes (optional) glue-down installation a breeze, adds comfort for standing desks or projects at the workbench, and helps keep the mat in place on top of carpet.

Visit the product page to see the variety of color and pattern options.

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Haul Like a Pro

Whether you're hauling an ATV, towing a lawnmower, or moving boxes, you need your trailer's floor to stand up to debris and damage. Add the durability of G‑Floor® to your trailer floor for maximum resilience with G‑Floor Trailer and Modular Flooring. If you've ever dropped a tool or cleaned an oil leak in your trailer, you need strong, chemical-resistant G‑Floor Trailer Flooring today!

No underlayment is necessary: this flooring has a fibrous backing that absorbs adhesive and streamlines the installation process.

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Trailer and Modular flooring


Well-worn Small Coin trailer flooring

Personalize Your Ride

Across the different patterns, sizes, and colors, there's trailer flooring for every occasion. If you use your cargo hauler to load and unload boxes, a low profile pattern like Levant or Small Coin are great for you.

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Pattern Matters

More pronounced patterns like Coin and Diamond Tread add a distinct visual flair and replicate an industrial feel. No matter what pattern you choose, all G‑Floor vinyl flooring is slip-resistant and stain-resistant.

Diamond Tread trailer flooring
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Adhesive application

Get More From Your Floor

For any outdoor or long-term application, look no further than G‑Floor. An acrylic adhesive will keep your flooring in place and maximize its resilience and durability. For maximum safety and performance, trailer flooring and other outdoor installations must be adhered.

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Tips and Tricks

Garage Runners are a cost-effective tool for customization and adding coverage. Add a little extra to any side at a fraction of the cost of another mat.

Create a striking contrast with different colors or patterns in addition to adding more protection to your garage floor.

Runners add a great touch


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I spread G‑Floor® Marine & Outdoor adhesive, what size trowel should I use?

A: A notched trowel that measures 1/16 in. x 1/16 in. x 1/32 in. works best. It's important to have the right size of trowel to ensure that the applied adhesive has an appropriate thickness.