Taylor Resolute (MS-Plus Resilient) Adhesive

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Taylor Resolute (MS-Plus Resilient) Adhesive Installation Accessory. 2 gal, 500 sq ft coverage for a permanent bond to multiple substrates. Interior, pressure-sensitive, extra moisture barrier built-in.

For permanently bonding G-Floor® roll-out flooring to porous and non-porous substrates, we recommend Taylor Resolute (MS-Plus Resilient) Adhesive for a high-performing, waterproof bond.

Although not necessary, if you choose to permanently install your G-Floor polyvinyl to garage or basement concrete, wood gym floors, or home, trailer and mobile subfloors that are wood and non-wood based, Taylor Resolute (MS-Plus Resilient)  Adhesive with its modified silane polymer blend works extremely well in these examples.

Taylor Resolute (MS-Plus Resilient) Adhesive is easy to use, low odor adhesive featuring the lowest permeability ratings of any resilient flooring adhesive. It permanently bonds in under an hour and also helps with insulation and reducing sound once installed. Available in a 2-gallon size that covers a 500 sq. ft. area. Rapid cure Taylor Resolute (MS-Plus Resilient)  Adhesive is eco-friendly and is a great time and money saving adhesive solution.

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