Image of G-Floor® Ribbed™ Garage Flooring.

When winter approaches, we all get excited for the first picturesque snowfall. It isn’t until we are left with melted snow, dirt, salt and other grime to wade through on our garage floor when we quickly regret the excitement. While parking in the garage during rainy or snowy seasons is the best option for your car the water can be a mess in your garage. Here are a few of the reasons why G-Floor® Ribbed™ flooring has our hearts this February!


Ribbed™ G-Floor® is Unique in Its Design.

  • Ribbed™ consists of parallel grooves running the length of the entire mat and are open at each end for water to exit.
  • It is 100% polyvinyl throughout- won’t crack, peel, curl or split offering durability.
  • Designed specifically to help protect your subfloor from damaging road salts and is also resistant to oil, antifreeze, and other harsh chemicals that are encountered all year long.

Ribbed™ G-Floor® is Water Resistant.

  • Ribbed™ G-Floor® provides a commercial grade, slip resistant texture.
  • Because it acts as a waterproof barrier, it protects your floors from deterioration and contamination.
  • Where it’s placed is where it protects!

Ribbed™ Can be Used in Places Other Than Your Garage.

  • As the intended purpose for G-Floor® in 1998 was garage flooring, it has now evolved to become a household/utility space necessity.
    • Parking Pads® for motorcycles
    • Automotive shops
    • Modular units
    • Storage area
    • Utility rooms

With three different colors, free floating options, and five different sizes that can be trimmed to fit your needs. The process can be as easy as roll out, trim to fit, if necessary, and direct water out of your space. Don’t wait for a problem to arise order before it’s too late!