G-Floor® Garage Flooring in Diamond Tread™

When the weather outside is starting to look more beautiful, so should your home. Springtime brings garage sales and block parties which means no more avoiding spring cleaning. Since our garage has been piling up junk all winter, we can’t be the eyesore on the block this spring. Adding G-Floor® Garage Flooring can give a clean finished look, offering different styles to deliver a complete makeover.

 How do I measure for G-Floor® Garage Flooring?

  • First measure the length and width of the space. Note- G-Floor® mats are installed vertically NOT horizontally and easy to trim where necessary with a household utility knife (around drains, poles or posts etc.).
  • When measuring, keep in mind that a ½” gap should be kept from any walls or stationary items as vinyl will expand and contract with weather changes.

There are two types of installation methods: Floating vs. Adhered.

  1. Floating Mat
  • A floating mat is one that is not secured by adhesive.
  • When installing, it’s as easy as roll out, let vinyl relax flat, then trim to fit if needed.
  • If your space requires two mats, you can adhere the floating mats together using seam tape. On the other hand, if three or more mats are required, use center trim to provide a nice transition from mat to mat. Center trim eliminates the possibility of buckling and allows for expansion during changing weather conditions.
  • Finally, if you want a more complete look with your G-Floor® mat, apply edge trim for the finishing touch.
  1. Adhered Mat
  • This term refers to completely applying adhesive to your subfloor before laying down G-Floor® mats.
  • Tip: make sure the adhesive you choose is safe for use with vinyl and your subfloor.

Start planning your block parties and neighborhood cookouts! There are no more excuses as to why you can’t have the best-looking garage on the block.