Why NOW is The Time to Install G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine Vinyl Flooring on Your Pontoon Boat

As the summer sun finally sets, it’s time for boaters to start preparing their boats for the immanent winter weather. Winterizing your boat is key to an easy startup next spring. With a checklist full of to-dos, don’t forget to add ‘replace old flooring’ to the list!

Freezing weather can last for weeks or even months, meaning boats can encounter damages if preventative steps aren’t taken. After replacing the oil, adding fuel stabilizers, draining water etc., now is the best time to order and install new flooring. G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring for your Pontoon is easy to install and provides a fresh new look for spring.

Why G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring?

G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is the most durable boat flooring on the market. It is solid polyvinyl, so it won’t peel or crack. Other boat flooring can’t withstand being in storage all winter long. For example, other floorings mold, stain, and crack. As a solid membrane, water, snow, and ice won’t get through to damage the wood deck below, protecting the framework.

Unlike carpet, G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring is waterproof, flame retardant, and resilient against odors and spills like beverages, bait water, and even fuel. It is just the upgrade your boat needs before you drop your anchors next season.

There is no greater time than the off season to make improvements to your boat!