April 15th 2019 Isn’t Just Tax Deadline Day… It’s National Laundry Day!

No one loves doing chores, but we bet you’d rather be doing your laundry on April 15th 2019 rather than completing your tax return! Believe it or not, National Laundry Day dates back to the 1800s when the dryer was invented and even before the creation of the electric-powered washing machine.

Your laundry room is one of the hardest working rooms in your home. Since you spend a lot of time in this designated area, there is no reason why it can’t be attractive and comfortable as well as practical.    

Let’s face it; your laundry room isn’t the best place for expensive carpet or hardwood flooring. Laundry room flooring needs to be impermeable to water, detergent, bleach and other substances. Flooring for laundry rooms should be easy to clean and stand up to a lot of wear and tear. You’ll want laundry room flooring that has cushioning support and one that resists slips and staining.

What is the best laundry room flooring?

Many interior designers recommend vinyl flooring as the best flooring for laundry rooms. With vinyl flooring rolls and vinyl floor mats, you don’t have to sacrifice style to get performance.

G-Floor® Universal Flooring comes in multiple patterns, colors and sizes to match any size space and laundry room décor. Our Levant, Coin and Small Coin textures are especially suitable for use in laundry rooms and residential utility rooms.

Durable G-Floor premium polyvinyl flooring ticks off all the boxes when it comes to laundry room flooring. G-Floor:

  • Is constructed of solid, waterproof polyvinyl without any paper fillers, foams or thin wear layers that can deteriorate more quickly
  • Tough enough to handle the weight of washers and dryers without denting, tearing, peeling or curling
  • Protects subfloor for years and hides any flooring imperfections
  • Is mold-, mildew- and stain-resistant
  • Resists dirt, grime and common laundry room chemicals such as detergents and bleach
  • Is cushiony underfoot while providing great traction and slip-resistance
  • Insulates and buffers laundry equipment sounds
  • Easily cleans with simple soap and water
  • Installs by simply cutting and trimming to space
  • Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
What are you waiting for? Celebrate National Laundry Day with a look at G-Floor flooring for the laundry room!