G-Floor® Exercise Equipment Mat in Midnight Black

“Happy New Year!”- three words that begin our fresh start. Each new year, our resolutions signify positive changes we want to put forth in our lives. One common resolution is committing to regular exercise to become the best version of yourself! What better way to kickstart this journey than with a brand-new exercise equipment mat? Let’s see how this simple addition can help amplify your fitness journey in 2024!

G-Floor Exercise Equipment Mats are an essential fitness accessory in your home gym. Designed to protect your floors from damage caused by heavy exercise equipment. Place under your elliptical, treadmill, stationary bikes, weight benches and racks to avoid scratching, denting, moisture damage and more.  

No exercise machines? No problem! Grab your G-Floor Mat and start your planks, squats, and lunges on a waterproof mat that protects your floors from sweat and water bottle spills. When you are done working out, just wipe the mat down with an anti-bacterial wipe or clean with soap and water and you’re good to go.

G-floor Exercise Mats require no adhesive and can be placed anywhere from tile, concrete, and hardwoods to low pile carpet. The 100% polyvinyl construction makes them tough enough for even your hardest workout. For custom fits under equipment, simply cut to size with a utility knife. Investing in a G-Floor Exercise Equipment Mat enhances your workout by letting you focus on your workout, not your floors!

Remember, set achievable goals, celebrate small victories, and be kind to yourself through the process! The beauty of a resolution lies in its ability to initiate change. It’s not merely about physical transformation; it’s prioritizing your health, boosting your mood, and enhancing overall well-being. Get your sweat on in 2024 with G-Floor!