G-Floor® Shed Flooring in Midnight Black

Spring is right around the corner meaning more time outside! If you already have a shed or are on the market to buy one, there is one item that is a “must have” for your shed this spring…G-Floor® Shed Flooring! Here’s everything you need to know about the amazing G-Floor® product.



Sheds are home to lawn equipment, gardening supplies, patio furniture, sports equipment, and used as an overall storage space. However, they are prone to water/moisture damage causing wood to warp, twist, and even bow. G-Floor® Shed flooring provides a waterproof, extremely durable floor to withstand anything your shed handles. With G-Floor® Shed Flooring, your shed’s subfloor is protected from dirt, gravel, spills, leaks, and stains.


Unique Backing

One of our favorite things about G-Floor® Shed Flooring is the poly felt backing which creates a strong bond once adhered. This ensures your flooring won’t shift under heavy equipment.


Patterns, Colorways, Sizing

Choose between four different patterns and two colors. For sizing, G-Floor® Shed Flooring comes in four sizes, each being 8ft across with a variety of lengths. If your shed is in between sizes, no need to worry as all G-Floor® products can be trimmed to fit with a utility knife.



Cleaning motor oil, gas, and other harsh chemicals off G-Floor® is easy with the wipe of a cloth or rinsing away with water. 



In addition to a storage shed, G-Floor® provides great subfloor coverage for workshops, offices, home gyms, art studios and craft workspaces. Covering the subfloor can provide a finished look and great protection to your investment. 

A solid shed starts from the ground up! Explore the G-Floor® collection today at gfloor.com