Make the Most of Your Space With G-Floor®

It’s time to kick it up a notch! The creativity surrounding a garage’s potential are limitless. Whether it be a workshop for your new-found love of woodworking, a home gym, or a new mancave for you and the boys to watch football, G-Floor® can add value to any unfinished garage. 

It doesn’t take long for the garage to quickly become an overcrowded, unorganized, storage mess with just enough room for vehicles to slip in and out. Holidays are just around the corner and extending the amount of space you have for entertaining can make your home feel significantly larger. 

G-Floor® garage flooring transforms any unfinished garage into a space other than a covering for your cars. How?

  1. G-Floor® is extremely durable. It’s tough enough to drive a car on and withstands below freezing temperatures.
  2. All G-Floor® flooring is waterproof, solid polyvinyl with no wear layer; therefore, no matter how many football games are watched, and beers are spilled G-Floor® stays as nice as the day you bought it. And, clean-up is easy with a mop and mild soapy water.
  3. G-Floor® is a universal flooring, meaning its suitable for any hobby or neighborhood gathering. 

Added living space means more time spent in the garage. Adding an AirSoap to capture allergens and dust from outside helps create a better than fresh-air space. Celebrating a big win with cigars? AirSoap filters air and keeps your garage smoke free.

Get started on a new look for your new garage today and increase the value of your home with G-Floor® and AirSoap!