G-Floor® Exercise Equipment Mat under Workout Equipment

The phrase “New Year, New You” is widely applied to the majority of New Year’s resolutions. For some, that could mean you’re ready to become the chef you’ve always dreamed about in the back of your mind. Or, it could mean you’re ready to take up a new fitness goal. If that’s the case, G-Floor® is ready to help you reach those goals!

Your home gym is a now a spot that will get more attention than your living room sofa. G-Floor® mats are just what you need to transform your workout space. Whether you are just wanting a mat for under your treadmill or, need full gym floor coverage, G-Floor® flooring protects floors from damage caused by heavy exercise equipment.


Why choose G-Floor® mats?

  1. They are made from 100% polyvinyl. Solid polyvinyl provides you protection and durability. You won’t have to worry about your subfloor getting scratched or worn.
  2. The exercise equipment mats are repositionable. You can move it from under your Peloton or other exercise equipment to under your workout bench, or even to a different room whenever you want.
  3. G-Floor® flooring can be used as full coverage for your space. No worries about tiles or puzzle pieces separating and you get a sleek look for your workout room.
  4. All G-Floor® flooring is waterproof and slip resistant which is a great option for all your sweaty workouts or even spilled pre-workout.
  5. They protect your subfloors from chipping and cracking. Dropping weights can damage floors and cost you your savings in repairs.
  6. There are multiple options when it comes to choosing size, color, and texture.


Set your goals and let G-Floor® help you become the “new you” for this new year! Start your healthy habits and order your G-Floor® Utility Mat or Exercise Equipment Mat today!