Is Vinyl Marine Flooring Slippery?

Today’s top vinyl marine flooring is slip-resistant. Of course, not all vinyl marine flooring manufacturers can make this claim. They have to pass rigorous testing standards to list “slip-resistant” on their list of selling points. Be sure to check before making your final boat flooring or pontoon flooring purchase.

G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine is high-quality vinyl marine flooring manufactured in the USA of 100% premium, solid polyvinyl. We are slip-resistant with an industry leading MicroLock Technology™ marine grade top coat. All our flooring for boats and pontoons comes in Levant surface, a texture resembling the look and feel of leather. Levant is a semi-smooth, matte surface composed of shallow valleys and abrupt edges that further aid with traction to reduce slips and falls.

When out on the water, you’ll more than likely deal with some spilled drinks, leaky coolers, fish gunk and water that drips off swimmers, skiers and tubers. Don’t take a chance with your marine flooring not including slip-resistant characteristics, especially if you’ve got kids or live where sudden rainstorms are a frequent occurrence.

Ask your boat dealer or marine supplier for only non-slip vinyl marine flooring. Ask for G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine vinyl flooring by name. You’ll find slip-resistant vinyl boat flooring with a long-list of other great flooring safety, durability and performance features!