How to Use Vinyl Flooring Outdoors

Customers often ask us, “Can G-Floor® vinyl flooring be used outside on decks and patios?” The short answer is YES – go for it! But, we do like to recommend the tip below to ensure you have the best possible success with using our garage flooring, commercial flooring and residential flooring for outdoor purposes.  It just makes sense that G-Floor Universal Flooring would complement any outdoor setting with its stylish versatility, durability, water-resistance, easy installation and low maintenance.

Many people like to use vinyl flooring rolls and vinyl floor mats to create an outdoor living space that resembles a room indoors. So, they look for outdoor flooring that has a variety of color options and textured designs to mimic a throw rug they might put underneath furniture. Others like to install a more wall-to-wall appearance. Whatever outdoor look you are going for, G-Floor shares this important tip:

G-Floor’s Tip for Using Vinyl Flooring Outdoors: We highly recommend you fully adhere your vinyl flooring for exterior use to your deck or patio for the best longevity, appearance and performance. We offer G-Floor Marine & Outdoor Adhesive formulated specifically for G-Floor polyvinyl flooring products for use indoors and outdoors.

Here’s why you should adhere your vinyl outdoor flooring: PVC naturally expands and contracts with temperature changes. If you put roll out vinyl flooring or mats underneath furniture without adhesive, you risk the chance the heavy furniture won’t allow it to naturally expand and contract, ultimately causing it to wrinkle in places over time. You won’t necessarily need to worry with smaller vinyl mats, like those you might use underneath a grill, because the grill takes up the majority of the space and you would not see any imperfections. But, wrinkles might show in between chairs, tables, etc. with larger vinyl flooring roll out mats that are not adhered. 

The bottom line is: You are no longer limited to only wood, stone or concrete for your patio or deck surface. With a bit of advance planning and preparation, you can have a beautiful outdoor patio or deck covered with polyvinyl to enjoy without having to scrub or maintain like you would with traditional deck and patio floors. Go with vinyl for outdoor use and relax knowing G-Floor’s got you covered!