How to Trim-to-Fit G-Floor® DIY Flooring

Before doing any sizing of your new G-Floor® premium polyvinyl flooring mats, we recommend you unroll, lay flat and wait for vinyl flooring rolls to relax. That should take no longer than 72 hours. Then you can trim around edges and corners, even cut into strips, or accommodate any other obstacles in the room layout.

Depending on the size mat you purchased, you may want to trim the length to fit a smaller area. Or you may need to cut around a pole, drain or another obstruction. No problem – G-Floor® is super easy to trim-to-fit any garage, residential or commercial space.

The only supplies you’ll need are:

· a straight edge

· a sharp cutting tool G-Floor® will cut with standard scissors or a utility knife.

· a tape measure, especially if sizing around drains, poles and posts

To use G-Floor® in a space with a drain, you can simply cut a circle in the mat around the drain.

For poles and posts, you will simply measure and cut around it.

G-Floor® Universal and Garage Flooring is the rollout flooring that is a Do-It-Yourselfer’s best friend because it is so easy to install, so easy to size and so easy to maintain. Give it a try!