How do I Contain Snow in my Garage?

With over half of the country already experiencing winter’s wrath, this question is on the mind of a lot of homeowners. There’s the option of leaving your car outside until the snow melts, but if temps are low, you’ll be waiting a long time. You can take the time to clean it off before driving it in. If choosing to park it inside your garage, you might squeegee melting snow every hour until your car has completely thawed. But who wants to deal with any of these scenarios if there is a better option?

The best answer to contain snow in your garage: Quickly and easily install Do-It-Yourself rollout garage floor mats to contain snow and protect your garage concrete from winter deterioration.

G-Floor® Universal Garage Flooring Mats are the world’s #1 garage floor protector. They are the best garage floor mats and the best garage floor protectors for good reason. G-Floor was initially developed in 1998 for the main purpose of covering and protecting garage floors from water and snow, grime and grit, harsh road salt, and other harmful chemicals and corrosives most often found in the garage.

G-Floor garage floor mats and garage floor protectors are different from other vinyl rollout garage flooring on the market today. Purposefully-engineered in the USA of 100% polyvinyl through and through, G-Floor does not contain wear layers, paper and foam fillers or laminates. Its solid polyvinyl construction helps it outperform and outlast competitors using fillers that breakdown more quickly and let moisture penetrate flooring. G-Floor won’t crack, split, scratch, peel, split or curl, keeping water and melted snow from penetrating garage flooring and garage substrate. Premium, durable G-Floor withstands extreme temperature swings and years of excessive use and heavy equipment.

In addition to repelling moisture, G-Floor helps provide great traction and insulation. Our garage floor mats and garage floor protectors are also resistant to mold and mildew, road salt and harsh road chemicals, battery acid, auto fluids, and the many corrosive and harmful chemicals found in most garages.

We recommend these G-Floor products specifically designed to contain snow in the garage during winter months:

  1. G-Floor RibbedTM Texture Garage Flooring – The foundation of the G-Floor product line, our classic design RibbedTM roll out flooring has raised channels running the entire length of the garage flooring helping collect melted snow and other debris for easy clean up later. Available in three functional colors and four standard sizes, you can simply roll out just one RibbedTM garage floor mat or use numerous RibbedTM garage floor mats together to provide wall-to-wall garage flooring protection.

G-Floor also has other great waterproof, commercial-grade textures like Diamond TreadTM, CoinTM, Small CoinTM and LevantTM which will aide in containing snow and protecting your garage floor from winter elements.

  1. G-Floor Garage Door Threshold Seal – In addition to the best garage floor mats and the best garage floor protectors, G-Floor offers a full line of accessories including its Threshold seal. This 100% polyvinyl, one-piece trim easily installs between garage floor and door. G-Floor Garage Door Threshold creates a solid, physical barrier that keeps water, snow, dirt, leaves and other unwanted outside stuff from ever entering the inside of your garage. As an added benefit, Threshold helps eliminate drafts and reduce energy costs when winter temperatures tumble.

G-Floor, the world’s #1 garage floor protector, also keeps what belongs in the garage stay in the garage so you won’t track winter gunk indoors. Don’t wait for the next big snow storm to get your garage ready for winter. Be prepared to contain snow ahead of the next “snow-mageddon” forecast with efficient, economical G-Floor Roll Out Garage Flooring! 


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