How to Get Your Boat Summer Ready

Whether it’s your first time prepping the boat for summer or it’s in your blood, it’s a step that can’t be overlooked. Make sure you followed your checklist to avoid that expensive tow back to shore.  

You’ve got your coolers packed, swimsuits on, and you’re ready to go; however, is your boat?

Before heading out to enjoy the first float of summer, take a look at the engine, mechanical, battery and fuel systems. Winter weather could have caused cracks, leaks and other damages that need to be fixed before turning the key. In case you find yourself stranded at sea… Did you check your safety equipment? Life jackets, throwable flotation devices, and fire extinguishers should all be examined prior to setting sail.  

Has your boat collected unwanted dirt, mold, or other grime while hibernating all winter? 

We know the answer is yes, so it’s time to make it shine. Start by cleaning the exterior on land, with fresh water, and away from any lakes or rivers as we don’t want chemicals to sneak in. Wear protective gloves if using harsh products and assess if your boat needs wax or any other protectant to prevent fading from harsh sun.  


With different types of boat flooring comes different ways of cleaning.

  1. Boat Carpet
  • Carpet is an upkeep prone to stains, mold, and wood rot on the subfloor. Carpet doesn’t prevent water from getting to the subfloor so boards may even need replaced. When cleaning carpet, start by vacuuming any bugs, dirt, etc. that hitched a ride. It does require lots of care and scrubbing to achieve a clean look.
2. Vinyl Marine Flooring
  • Cleaning vinyl marine flooring like G‑Floor® Outdoor & Marine is incredibly easy (Again, make sure you are on land when doing this). G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine is water-, mold-, and mildew-resistant to protect subfloors from damage and provide a sleek look without stains.  
  • When cleaning vinyl flooring it’s as easy as lather up with soap and spray down with water. There are no stains or mildew to spend time scrubbing; therefore, saving time and energy so you can get on the water quickly.
  • G‑Floor Outdoor & Marine provides a slip-free surface for water-drenched energetic kids.

Be thorough in your inspections and avoid exhausting yourself with cleaning before you get to enjoy summer sailing.