Harvest the Power of Light in Your Grow Room with GrowFloor® + GrowWall™

Unique to the greenhouse industry, G-Floor’s GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ are quickly becoming a top pick over traditional or painted/epoxy concrete and Mylar films for individual gardeners and large industrial greenhouses growers worldwide. Customers are harvesting a greater yield thanks to the Grow family’s ability to harness the power of any lighting source.

Whether you use indoor hydroponic, aquaponic, aeroponic or traditional growing technologies, GrowWall increase lighting efficiency 400% over traditional wall coverings and paired with GrowFloor creates the ultimate growroom experience. Here’s how:

  • Made in the USA of thick 100% white polyvinyl construction with a ceramic texture
  • Resilient top coat is a high-gloss, hyper-reflective color supporting the entire light spectrum
  • Reflects light throughout entire growing space
  • Resists harmful UV-rays
  • Insulates, reducing noise yet decreases damaging heat and increases cooling efficiency
  • Anti-glare – reduces hot spots
  • Material makes it easy to spot indoor and outdoor contaminants like dirt, bugs, etc. that harm healthy crops

Like all other G-Floor products, the Grow products are specially-engineered of premium, durable polyvinyl without fillers, so they won’t crack, peel, curl or tear providing years of dependability and performance.

With growing green and organic all the rage these days, GrowFloor and GrowWall are economical trendsetters in this industry. Both greenhouse floor and wall coverings are repositionable, reusable and recyclable. GrowFloor and GrowWall are easy to install by simply rolling out and cutting to size or using peel and stick panels (where available). Just sweep using a damp mop, hose down to clean, or use any vinyl safe cleaner.

Reflect lighting efficiency by 400%. Protect plants and grow rooms. Grow more with less time and money. Go GrowFloor + GrowWall!