The Purrrfect Flooring for Your Four-Legged Friends

G-Floor® 100% polyvinyl flooring provides a great solution that benefits both pet owners and our furry family members. Used as a liner in crates, dog houses and kennels, G-Floor offers maximum floor protection in any home or business setting, even animal training centers and veterinary facilities.

Our solid polyvinyl flooring mats are an extremely durable defense against urine, droppings, mud, scratching, digging and all the other mischief and messes our four-legged buddies can leave in their tracks. Anywhere animals live and play, there is an ideal texture and size to protect your floors from damage.

Manufactured in the USA without any layers, laminates or fillers, you and our furry friends will reap years of enjoyment and performance out of G-Floor flooring for kennels and pets. G-Floor won’t tear, crack, peel or curl, even under the most rigorous use.

Because G-Floor is waterproof and slip-resistant, you can utilize it indoors or outside. And with our easy roll-out installation, mats are moveable anywhere and anytime you like. They are customizable to any space with DIY cutting and trimming using just a utility knife. Simply roll them back up to store.

Cleaning up after your pet is so simple with G-Floor, too – hose your mats off outdoors or use soap and water inside. If you choose one of our many pattern designs, those textures will also aide in helping collect moisture and debris facilitating a more painless clean up. G-Floor specially-engineered polyvinyl flooring repels odors, keeping mats, your home and commercial areas smelling fresh.

G-Floor premium polyvinyl makes for a comfortable sleeping area and helps reduce future joint pain and arthritis symptoms in aging pets. For maximum comfort, we highly recommend our smoother, leather-like Levant texture or Coin or Small Coin patterns.

With so many appealing colors and textures available, there is a G-Floor flooring option for every pet, every décor and for every business space. G-Floor flooring for kennels and pets makes a “purrrfect” gift for man and for man’s best friend!